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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our new Blog, about our thriller Obelisk Seven

Glenn & Loraine amongst the Pyramids, Giza, Egypt
Welcome to the first blog about Obelisk Seven, written by Glenn Ashton and Loraine Lundquist.

About me, Glenn

Glenn Ashton is the pseudonym I (Ashton Glenn van Schalkwyk) chose for writing for two reasons. First, can you imagine trying to reach bestseller status with a surname like van Schalkwyk? For starters, it is not readily pronounceable (try Skulk-Wake for a good approximation).

And using Ashton as my surname makes a lot of sense when you think of how books are arranged on the bookshelves of bookstores...

I have dabbled with writing novels for many years, with one shared success a long time ago when two friends and I co-authored a political thriller. After writing a few novels and a children's book (all unpublished), Loraine and I read The Da Vinci Code while holidaying in Europe, and decided that we, too, could write something similar.

About me, Loraine

I am a horse-lover who grew up riding and training  horses before being pulled away into the world of social work and business. Diving into writing a thriller based on mysterious sounds coming from ancient Egyptian obelisks in London, Paris, Rome, New York and the temple of Karnak in Egypt was a new – and exciting - adventure. 

About our website,

In The Art of Writing Novels section of our website we talk a bit about the thrill of inventing your own little world when you start a novel, deciding who should live in that world and what should happen to them.

We have just launched our website,, designed to help us find a publisher (or agent and publisher) for our novel.

Please pay us a visit at our website..


  1. Certainly not Lawerence of Arabia, Dr Livinston I presume?

  2. Welcome, Azul: You are the first living soul to visit our blog, and we bow humbly before you!

    And No, neither Lawrence of Arabia nor that discoverer of Stanley; just a writer, standing here before fame and fortune, waiting for an author to strike (before the lightning does!)

  3. That should be "waiting for a publisher to strike" ...

  4. Do you bow humbly to the second person to blog you? Is blog you proper English?
    I have an advantage over all, I HAVE READ THE BOOK! It is an excellent read, highly topical and a great mystery. I particularly liked the picture referencing.
    All the best, David

  5. David, assume that you can see both Loraine and I bowing humbly to you, the second person to blog us on this here our obeliskseven blogsite.

    And thank you for your review of the novel.

    David was one of the close friends we gave the manuscript to soon after its first major revision (which cut the size down from around 150,000 words to 80,000), and he seemed to enjoy it ...


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