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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to read Amazon Kindle eBook bestsellers with your own PC

One little appreciated fact is that you don't have to spend more than a hundred dollars to buy an ereader such as the Kindle, the Kobo, the iPad etc in order to read the bestselling eBooks available on Kindle.
You can use your own personal computer – your desktop or your laptop – to read these bestsellers, thrillers, mysteries, romances and action adventure stories by simply downloading a F REE app from Kindle which sets up your PC as an ereader.
Click here to go to a site which provides the free download. Just click on the WindowsPC box on the right to download the FREE app which will make your personal computer a wonderful ereader.
Once you've done that, why not have a look at my 5 eBooks, all available on Kindle eBooks, and all for the low price of 99 cents each?
Click here for my Amazon author page.
You might want to dip into my thriller, Silent Lips, by clicking here for more details.
My "elevator speech" for Silent Lips is:
A 100,000 word thriller for 99 cents!

In this 100,000 word thriller, people inside and outside New York race against time to save the city from a genetically engineered virus created by mistake. While doctors in the ParkLab in Central Park try everything they can think of to cure people, the Prime Minister of Israel is smuggled into the stricken city to share its fate, and the President makes the most agonizing decision any US president has ever made.

Silent Lips is an absolute bargain at the low, low price of 99 cents!  You can buy it to read, or you can give them as gifts to friends and relatives.
Enjoy your PC ereader, and the wide world of eBooks open to you on Kindle eBooks!

Glenn Ashton
PS  Hint: I find reading eBooks on my PC best if I click on the box on the top to have it shown in 2 columns, and also use a smaller font with a sepia background....  My LittleTown series of kids books displays beautifully this way.

The Chicago Kid, from the LittleTown series

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