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Monday, August 15, 2011

Come into LittleTown for fun, excitement and suspense

Welcome to my blog LittleTown

This blog introduces the series of children's books in my LittleTown eBooks (sold on Kindle for the cheap price of only 99 cents each!).  Each book has 10 wonderful stories, and each story has wonderful pictures!

Chien and The Chicago Kid and The Plan

When you buy one of the LittleTown books, you will go with your child will go on the journey of some small animals to set up their new town far away from humans, where they now can live in peace and safety with each other.

Watch as the LittleTowners fight fires, play together, feel terror together, and learn together.

The wonderful characters you will meet:

You and your kid will sit at the feet of Grace the Librarian, the gentle little deer mouse, as her wise words shape the little ones.

Feel her fear as little blind Vola, the flying squirrel, has to learn to fly all over again. 

Tammy-Q and his special horn

Watch an angry Teacher gnaw down tree after tree with his huge beaver teeth to remove mistakes made by the grasshopper mice twins, He and Me.

See the brave starnosed mole swept along by the oil in a pipeline, and rule over the court as The Judge. Sit in court as The Judge tries to find out what The Chicago Kid did on Tum-Tum-Hill.

Discover how the smart water shrew Pal Silver saves Mrs. Muskrat, who is trapped under water in a cage, from drowning.

And you will both wince with the little ones as they are injected on Get-Well-Hill to save them from the plague, laugh with them as they learn to play football with an acorn, and much, much more.

The headless chipmunk

Chuckle at the problem posed by the Never-Movers, and sympathize with Baby Muskrat as she learns about the new world.

Plot with the two little voles, Timid Timmy and Timid Tania, to trap a weasel.

Visit Chien's Thumbs, the hidden studio of the little prairie dog where his portraits are kept secret for as long as his models want them to be.

Up and over during the snakefight!

Listen to The Kid explain the adventures his friend had at the President's White House, and find out why the first pocket gopher born in LittleTown was named Talpo.

Children from 3 to 12 years of age will love these stories, and the wonderful pictures.

Take a chance – buy one for only 99 cents!

Click here to read more about the LittleTown books at the Amazon Kindle eBook Store.
If you like the LittleTown books, why not buy one (or gift one to a kid or the parent of a kid)?  You can't go wrong at only 99 cents for each book!  There's no risk for you, and plenty of fun for you, your own kids or the kids of friends.

How to get a FREE E-READER!

Click here for the way to turn your own PC into an ereader (no need to spend 50 or 100 dollars to buy one – Kindle allows you to download a FREE app which quickly and easily turns your computer or laptop into an ereader so that you can read all the eBooks you will download from the Kindle eBook Store – hopefully starting with the LittleTown books!

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