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Thursday, September 8, 2011

eBook writers: Who is your market? Pew study gives some hints

The Pew study has a fair amount of detail on this topic, but we can summarize the major findings this way. Your broad US market for your eBooks is:

  1. Parents (more likely to own a eBook reader or a Tablet than a non-parent is).
  2. Hispanic adults.
  3. Adults younger than 65.
  4. Those in households with an annual income of at least $75,000.
That is good news for writers of eBooks for children!

One thing you should note is that in the past 6 months parents have started buying eBook readers and Tablets at a faster rate than non-parents have. This is good news – it means the market for eBooks of kids stories is probably going to grow very rapidly.

This is also encouraging because of the rumors that Amazon is going to launch a new color Tablet this fall.  So eBooks for children with color illustrations will be even more popular.  Up to now, the grey colors in the Kindle reader has been at a disadvantage compared to the color screens of the competing Tablets.

So if you plan to write an eBook for children and publish it as a Kindle eBook, use color illustrations. And if you already have a published Kindle eBook, think about revising it to change the black and white illustrations you might have to color ones, so as to take advantage of the new Amazon color Tablets.

A final point: ownership of eBook readers and Tablets increased more rapidly among the 18 – 49 year old group than in any other one.  Does your eBook appeal to this category?

Now, some more detail from the Pew study:

  1. Parents - EBook readers and tablets ("devices") owned by parents with kids increased in the last 6 months by 267%, while those owned by parents without kids increased by a respectable but lower167%.
  2. College graduates - Devices owned by those with some college education increased by 217% in the last 6 months, while those owned by college graduates went up by a slightly higher rate of 275%.
  3. One-fifth (20%) of college graduates now own such devices.
  4. One-fourth (25%) of all households earning more than $75,000 now own a device.

Exploding markets, more college students owning reading devices, parents rapidly buying into the idea of getting their hands on such devices – all good news for eBook writers.

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