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Thursday, September 22, 2011

eBook writers: Your market in 4 years – 750 million potential readers!

Think about that – one third of a billion new tablets will be sold in 2015 alone.

And between 2012 and 2015, more than 750 million new tablets will have readed the eager hands of their new owners!

If you write eBooks or are considering writing eBooks, that is your potential market: THREE QUARTERS OF A BILLION E-READERS! Apple is expected to be king of this market with its iPad.

Remember, every eBook you write and publish (on Kindle, for example), stays available for purchase by all those three quarters of a billion owners of tablets for as long as Kindle exists. If you published a book the traditional way (paper based publishing), your book might – if you were lucky – be available for purchase for a year.

How can you best prepare for your penetration of this massive potential market?

First, realize that each and every one of those 750 million tablet owners will be seeking things to load up on their tablets for their amusement, and the amusement of their friends, family and colleagues.

A hungry market of 750 million tablet owners means that the demand for entertaining product will be enormous. And this means that your chances of having thousands of these hungry tablet owners buy your eBook or eBooks is going to be much higher than your chances of having people buy traditional paper-based books.

So don't be afraid to dare!

And think about how you can make your eBook more interesting to readers.

Many years ago I used to read the Reader's Digest book collections. They published five or so abridged novels in one volume. And they used black and white and color sketches to illustrate the stories. Those sketches mesmerized me, and added so much to my enjoyment of the stories.

You can add to the attraction of your eBooks by adding sketches or photos. It doesn't matter whether your eBook is a children's book or a thriller or science fiction. You can build in a big advantage over your paper-based competition by adding pictures.

And think about writing a series of books, which can give you a chance to create a brand, just as John Locke did when he set out to sell his eBooks. He writes that his readers loved having a series of books to read. And because he was selling them for only 99 cents each, readers were not risking much by buying one then two and then more to read.

While you are about it, check out my eBooks at this site. I used pictures for the LittleTown series of children's books which I found – they were public domain images or photos I had taken, with changes made using the free program called GIMP (similar to Photoshop but not costing hundreds of dollars!).

So have fun. Write and publish. The massive market is acoming!

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