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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple 4S's Siri means future real time, interactive book writing by authors

And writing stories will never be the same again!

Siri's seductive voice:
Apple 4S - revolution in writing

Check how impressive she in this article by David Pogue in the New York Times, which he headlined New iPhone Conceals Sheer Magic:

Speech recognition. Crazy good, transformative, category-redefining speech recognition.
Exactly as on Android phones, a tiny microphone button appears on the on-screen keyboard; whenever you have an Internet connection, you can tap it when you want to dictate instead of typing. After a moment, the transcription appears. The sometimes frustrating on-screen keyboard is now a glorified Plan B...

Because in 2010, Apple bought a start-up called Siri, whose technology it has baked into the iPhone 4S. Siri is billed as a virtual assistant: a crisply accurate, astonishingly understanding, uncomplaining, voice-commanded minion. No voice training or special syntax is required; you don’t even have to hold the phone up to your head. You just hold down the phone’s Home button until you hear a double beep, and then speak casually.

You can say, “Wake me up at 7:35,” or “Change my 7:35 alarm to 8.” You can say, “What’s Gary’s work number?” Or, “How do I get to the airport?” Or, “Any good Thai restaurants around here?” ... In each case, Siri thinks for a few seconds, displays a beautifully formatted response and speaks in a calm female voice. It’s mind-blowing how inexact your utterances can be.

It’s even more amazing how Siri’s responses can actually form a conversation. Once, I tried saying, “Make an appointment with Patrick for Thursday at 3.” Siri responded, “Note that you already have an all-day appointment about ‘Boston Trip’ for this Thursday. Shall I schedule this anyway?” Unbelievable.

Writers, this is your future:

It's this last part that gets my novelist blood stirring.

Fast forward to 2015.

Your new eBook is launched. For a mere 99 cents your readers can now not only read your ground breaking childrens book, but actively participate in it!

They can speak to the characters in your stories, using the small microphone in your eReader, and the characters can answer back, with preprogrammed answers to your questions. If you ask your heroine what kind of person the (possible) Bad Guy is, she will answer with a brief description but only using the information in your book up to that point. As  your book progresses, and she learns more about the Bad Guy, her answer will change to reflect her new knowledge.

Or you can actually ask a character to be more generous or less generous,  or to do something a little differently. The person will then obey you (but the amount of obedience might depend on your scoring a certain level of points in a quick little quiz – the point being that you earn your right to become a co-author along with the real author). The real author will have written several alternative courses of plans, and the one chosen will kick into action.

Multiple co-authors for you:

Now stretch your mind even more. Your reader will be interacting with you in a real time basis – and you can change the story and characters as your combined audience of readers decide. You, as author,  will be watching what readers who are participating in your Novel Creation Meeting are saying in response to questions you put to them a while before. You might decide to do what the majority of those readers wanted you to do, but once again only if those asking have earned the right to give such orders or directions.

Talk about interactivity!

You will be writing and participating in a series of interactive, real time story telling.

It will be as if Charles Dickens wrote interactive real time chapters each day for his many lovely stories about fog filled London.

What a future beckons!

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