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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fact overtakes fiction: Ecocide and Obelisk Seven

In our novel, Obelisk Seven, we forecast that the world would one day have a new crime camed Ecocide, and that the international law enshrining that crime would pin liability not only on the companies that polluted, but on the chief executives who ran the company.

Now a mock trial has been run, using a hypothetical ecocide law:

The bosses of two of the world's biggest multi-national corporations were convicted by a jury of "ecocide" at the Supreme Court yesterday for destroying global ecosystems.
They were put on trial under international laws which establish ecocide alongside genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of aggression, as the most serious in existence.
The chief executives may have been actors, the corporations fictional and the trial a mock-up, but the circumstances surrounding the so-called "crimes" – the destruction of ecosystems during both the Gulf oil spill and the mining of crude oil in Alberta – are real. So is the call for a new law protecting the natural world, placing ecocide among the most heinous crimes known.
Both bosses, of Global Petroleum Company (GPC) and Glamis Group, were convicted on charges of ecocide relating to oil extraction in Canada, while one was acquitted of charges relating to the Gulf spill.
"Companies cannot be given a licence to spill and kill as long as they clean up the mess," said Michael Mansfield QC, appearing for the prosecution yesterday.
Experts witnesses said the Gulf ecosystem had become a "dead zone" after the Deepwater Horizon platform disaster last year.
Mr Mansfield claimed deaths and injury to more than 4,000 birds had been caused during oil spill, for which GPC accepted responsibility.
Controversially, though, the proposed law would place criminal responsibility on the respective CEOs Messrs Bannerman and Tench personally, rather than on the firms.
Nice to see that in yet another way the thriller we spent so long researching and then writing, is indeed ahead of its times. In our website we have a section which deals with the ways in which our novel's Hero seeks to fight global warming; the novel itself has many ideas for those who wish to do something to save our earth.

Wish us luck in our search for a publisher for Obelisk Seven!

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