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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Would you like me to sign my eBook for you? Kindlegraph lets authors do this

The gap between paper books and eBooks is closing day by day, and the new site Kindlegraph - at – now lets an author of eBooks inscribe a personal message to a buyer and sign his or her name to it.
Signed eBook using Kindlegraph

The author can choose either a typewritten message or have his words laid out in handwriting script.

If you want to see the resourceful inventor of this neat idea in his introductory video, click here. His name is Evan Jacobs, and he is a former programmer at Amazon. Logging in is done through one's Twitter account. Your signature is captured on a pdf which is sent to the buyer, and appears along with your eBook when the buyer checks his Kindle library.

For an article on the use of the Kindlegraph, click here.
One real advantage I see for the Kindlegraph is that it allows you to buy an eBook as a present for someone, and then have the author inscribe the message to the person you are going to give the gift to.

Right now, you will have to use the Kindle of the person you are giving the ebook to to order the signing. Hopefully Kindlegraph will soon let you fill in a email of the person getting the gift as well as their name, so that the author can personalize the gift and have it sent to the recipient.

A good idea to add a personal touch to your eBooks.

I signed up an hour ago and already had one person ask for me to sign my book Modern Proverbs.

And don't forget to use the buyer's name when you sign the message to him or her (something I forgot to do in the excitement of the moment! My apologies!)

You will receive an email every time sometime wants you to sign your eBook.

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