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Friday, October 14, 2011

Writers, help OccupyWallStreet with their Media Bytes – post yours to #owsbyte

The media are desperate. Their crazy 24 hour news cycle means that they hop from story to story like a drunken flee, but to do this they need to be able to compress the essence of a story into a few seconds of sound plus images – the famous sound byte or media byte.

Let's help the media (and OWS) out by crafting a series of media bytes which both the occupiers and the media can use to capture more of the media bytes.

Let's feed the ravenous media beast with the small  morsels their small minds seemingly can absorb.

The OWS has many aims, and they are writ large on the tapestry of social revolutions. David Callahan has summarized some of the aims well in his blog post:

Now, thanks to protests in New York and a growing list of other cities, this debate is percolating once more. And guess what: the supposedly incoherent protesters actually have a pretty strong critique of what is wrong with America’s financialized economy.

Angus Johnson, one of the most astute bloggers following the protests, wrote recently that if you think that the protesters have “no message, you’re not paying attention.” They clearly believe that there is “something seriously broken” in America’s economy and politics and that “an accelerating concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a small minority” is to blame.

That reading jives with my own visits to Zuccotti Park – aka, “Liberty Square” – just blocks from the New York Stock Exchange. The clear thread linking a mish-mash of grievances – on everything from education to healthcare to corporate campaign cash – is that the wealthy are running America at the expense of ordinary people.

Others believe a simple media byte cannot hope to cover the gist of the movement, and a search for such a media byte might take energy away from the protestors – as this post in dailykos implies:

The thousands of individuals currently inhabiting Zuccotti Park for the Occupy Wall Street protest have succeeded in garnering enough attention to force the following question upon our nation: "What exactly are they doing?"

This protest cannot be boiled down to a simple sound byte because this protest is ambitiously seeking a complex, fundamental, philosophical change in the social, political, and economic infrastructure of our country.

I believe that having tens of thousands of people using their imagination to come up with media bytes, and posting them to the twitter account #owsbyte, will help involve many more in considering the range of concerns of the protestors, while feeding the media beast with bytes they can use in their simple minded story summaries.

So join me in crafting media bytes – then post them to twitter #owsbyte and ask others to do the same. Spread the word – we're looking for bytes to support the OWS movement.
My first try is this: Less for the Few, More for the Many.

This covers money, tax breaks, corporation and government sponsored health care and pension plans, press coverage, and above all else, regulation of financial institutions to prevent the 2008 meltdown happening again!

Over to you!

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