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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Global Warming: May Ecowarriors break the law to save the world?

As the earth heats up and our climate changes, it will become clear to many that something drastic has to be done to stop global warming.

But the leaders of our countries are mostly resistant to any serious steps to reduce our emission of greenhouse gases, and will drag their feet.

This will lead many to ask the question used by Tom Sandborn as the title of his press article: Will breaking the law save the planet?

He was writing about steps being taken by the Stop Coal movement to stop coal exports from B.C. and so reduce GHG emissions:
Tom Sandborn

For 84-year-old Ray Haynes, former secretary treasurer of the B.C. Federation of Labour, the arrest on the White Rock tracks was his first. Others who joined Haynes on the tracks included internationally acclaimed environmental economist Mark Jaccard, retired environmental scientist Peter Nix and Lynn Quarmby, chair of molecular biology and biochemistry at Simon Fraser University.
 Haynes told the Courier Sept. 28 that he believes civil disobedience is both legitimate and necessary as a way to try to stop our disastrous plunge into climate destabilization.

Quarmby recently told The Tyee online newspaper that “either we all just give up and ride to hell in a hand basket, or we do what we can and hope that maybe, with people around the world doing what they can, something will change. At the very least, I will know that I didn’t just give up.”

In our novel about global warming, Obelisk Seven, we mention the change that was brought about by the IPCC regarding the seriousness of global warming:

At the Copenhagen Summit last year, America once more failed to lead the world, despite being the historic worst polluter. The failure of the Copenhagen Summit has been called the Munich of our times. So many government leaders from so many countries still act as if the problem is small, despite the report of the Intergovernmenal Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – as Nick puts it in the first WorldHeat show:

"In 2007 the IPCC rocked our world and caused real change," he went on, his eyes on the screen. "Their report said we had reached a tipping point in global warming. With it, they changed the debate from If, to What and When."

Not If, but When.

And a tipping point reached.

Ecowarriors have reached that stage – not If but What and When, and are starting to fight for the earth.

And a majority of Americans now believe that global warming is taking place. The European Union is starting to fight the war against global warming. Many want to learn more about climate change. Robert Redford recommends turning the tables by taking polluters to court.

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