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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bestsellers: Template for your Editorial Content Plan for promoting your book

As a self-published author, you will need a Promotion Plan that provides for the use of social media networks in order to market your books.

With my latest book, Your Purrfect Way to Publish & Promote Your Amazon & Kindle Books, you get plenty of down to earth, doable, practical hints.

My book tells you how to build each and every part of your Author Platform home, and how to tie them all together with your Editorial Content Plan.

Contents of your Promotion Plan:

This book is dedicated to all writers who wish to self-publish their own books through Amazon and Kindle, and to promote them. You are a Rebel, about to join the worldwide Gutenberg+ Revolution that Amazon and Kindle have made possible.

No longer will writers be dependent upon the whims of traditional publishers. We now have the keys to our very own printing presses (the high speed ones of Amazon, and the virtual ones of Kindle). Just as Gutenberg in the 1450's set the world free by inventing the first printing press, so too are we now all free to print and promote our very own books.

Welcome to the Revolution!

Outline of the Promotion Plan for your self-published book:

My book shows you how to draw up your Promotion Plan, starting with the outline of the plan.

Your Promotion Plan has these Big Steps:
1       Introduction – the Layout of the Promotion Plan
2       My Author Brand
3       My Dream Team of advisors
4       My Dream Readers
5       My Clan of Fierce Followers Plan
6       My Author Blog Plan
7       My Facebook Page Plan
8      My Email Plan
9       My Twitter Plan
10   My Social Network Plan, starting with my Editorial Content Plan:
a.     My Amazon Promotion Plan
b.     My Kindle Promotion Plan
c.      My Book Reviews Plan
d.     My Forums Plan
e.     My Google+ Plan
f.      My Book & Author Videos Plan
g.     My General Social Network Plan.

Each of the Big Steps in your Promotion Plan will be broken down further into Smaller Steps, and each of those Smaller Steps will be broken down into Small Steps, which makes them easier to do, and gives you a chance for many Small Wins. 
This fits in with the Small Steps, Small Wins strategy that lies at the heart of my book.

Your Target Audience:

One important step is deciding on your target audience.

You will step into the shoes of your potential readers, and learn how to define your target market readers (your Dream Readers), using the marketing technique of Personas to focus more clearly on them.

You will have one Dream Reader, called Rebecca Random, designed to appease the gods of chance.

And you will learn how to  use social networks (Twitter, Facebook, your Author Blog etc.) to deliver your message to your Dream Readers in dozens of different ways.

Template for your Promotion Plan:

In Part 22 of my book you will find a template for your own Promotion Plan. It is a fill-in-the-blanks kind of template, designed to make it easy for your to prepare your first Easy plan, and later on your Detailed plan.

Your Editorial Content Plan:

A vital part of your journey is the drawing up by you and your Dream Team of advisors of your Editorial Content Plan, which makes sure that all your messages, through all the various promotional channels, fit together and add to each other.

Your Editorial Content Plan sets the overall goals for the type of content of the many messages you will use in all of  you social networks, so as to promote your Author Brand and your books. In this overall plan, you decide on the aims of, the content of, and the date that you will send, your many messages.

The other 6 sub plans in your Promotion Plan (such as your Author Blog Plan and Email Plan), each have smaller goals for their own channel, which work under the umbrella Editorial Content Plan.

What period does the Editorial Content Plan cover?

Your Editorial Content Plan will cover 6 months at a time, and will be renewed by you at the end of each 6 month period. It will show for every week and month in the 6 month period, the nature of the Tasks to be done.

What's in my Editorial Content Plan?

The layout of the Editorial Content Plan is very simple: it consists of 5 sections, to make it easier to think about and to revise. See the template for your Editorial Content Plan in Part 22 below. The 5 sections are: Themes; Email Opt-In Campaign; Author Brand Reinforcement; Trendwatching & Trendriding; and Other.

Kindle and Amazon versions:

The best way to use my book is to buy both the soft cover Amazon / CreateSpace version, only $14.99 for its 466 pages and 130,000 words, as well as the Kindle eBook version (only 99 cents).

This allows you to photostat the fill-in-the-blanks author promotion plan template you can find in Part 22. And you can browse through the Kindle eBook and click on the links to dozens and dozens of articles by many other writers for more information on specific social media networks.

Great Gift to encourage young (and old!) Writers:

Oh, if you know someone who is or should be writing a book, gift these two to them to give them a headstart on their new careers as authors.

They might never forget your kindness.

And the world might be very grateful that they were given a chance to publish and promote their own books.

Please  share this with your friends and family.


Glenn Ashton

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