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Friday, April 5, 2013

Your Purrfect Way to Publish & Promote Your Amazon & Kindle Books

After more than a year of research, my latest book is now published as a Kindle eBook (only 99 cents) and will shortly be available as a printed soft cover book from Amazon's CreateSpace print on demand arm.

Here's the cover of the book:

What is this book about?

I am as pleased as Punch with this contribution to the Gutenberg + Revolution.

The 466 page book has oodles of helpful hints in it (from 23 steps to publish your book on Amazon and 50 steps to have it launched as a Kindle eBook, to a fill-in-the-blanks Promotion Plan Template that let's you plan and promote your books).

What will it do for you?

This book is for you if you are a Rebel who wants to self-publish your own books through Amazon and Kindle, and to promote them. Welcome to the worldwide Gutenberg+ Revolution that Amazon and Kindle have made possible!

Your Purrfect Way Plan will show you how to: 
  • easily publish your book on Amazon and as a Kindle eBook;
  •  promote your book by creating your very own Dream Team of advisors to help you every step of the way; 
  • draw a mental picture of your target readers, and create their Personas (including the wild-card Rebecca Random) so that you can persuade them to buy your books; 
  • find and use dozens of top Forums, where readers and writers mix, so that you can build your own tribe of Fierce Supporters; 
  • get reviews of your books; 
  • use social networks (your Author Blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter Plan, your Email Plan, and other social media) easily and effectively; and 
  • do all this at your own speed and in the free time you have.
Read more about them at this site:

Great Gift for your Friends & Family!

If you have any family members or friends, of any age, who need a nudge to take concrete, successful steps to publish their own books, then gift them a copy of the printed soft cover Amazon edition (priced at only $14.99) and also the Kindle Ebook (cheap at only 99 cents).

The eBook lets them click on the dozens and dozens of links to websites for articles on various aspects of printing and promoting books, while the printed soft cover version is great for browsing through it (with the help of a detailed Index at the back), and making copies of Part 22, the Promotion Plan  Template.

These two books combined make wonderful birthday and spontaneous gifts.

They are also wonderful ways to inspire potential writers to take the plunge, become Rebels, join the Gutenberg + Revolution, and proudly publish their very own books.

And they in turn can then gift their books to their friends and family (and enemies!).

Have fun!

Glenn Ashton.

Let me know via comments etc. who you gifted it to, and their progress!

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