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Friday, May 31, 2013

Kindle & Amazon: Self-publishing for Canadian writers: some ideas

Canada is a small market, compared to the giant American one, and the range of traditional publishers open to Canadian authors is very small. So the chances of a Canadian writer finding a publisher for his or her book are slim.

But that does not mean that your book must forever remain unpublished. 

You have an option.

You can decide to rebel against the traditional publishing way, and  become a revolutionary. You can ride the wave of the future.

If you do this, you will soon find that you are not alone. Our rebel army is large, and growing bigger with every passing day.

You can join the ranks of the thousands of Independent publishers – also called Indie publishers or just plain Indies. That's a title to wear with pride. As such, you will become part of a major historical movement, as dramatic as the first invention of the printing press in 1458 by Johannes Gutenberg.

You can join the Gutenberg+ Revolution by publishing your own book, using Amazon's print on demand (POD) for your soft cover version, and Kindle for your eBook one.

Just as Gutenberg's invention of the printing press in the 1450's started a massive revolution in the production of books, so too the services offered to all of us by Amazon and Kindle are triggering a similar revolution.

And once you have published your own book, you will need to promote it.

That's tough.

But not impossible.

You will need to build your Author Platform, along the lines of this diagram:

And you will need to prepare your own Promotion Plan, like the one described in this post.

Don't forget to check out my manual for self-publishers – Your Purrfect Way to Publish & Promote Your Amazon & Kindle Books, which you can  read about at my Amazon author site:

And the best of luck to you!

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