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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris a longtime terrorist target

The famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris has for years been a target for terrorists, as this report shows:

“Paris landmarks on terrorists’ list
October 04, 2010 

THE EIFFEL Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral are among the top potential terrorist targets in Europe, according to the newspaper Le Monde.
The paper, citing the American channel Fox News, said two “high-up officials in the western intelligence services” have confirmed that the tower and cathedral figure on a list passed on by a Pakistani interrogated at a military base in Afghanistan. 

They are said to be among sites selected because they attract a lot of people, along with, for example, the central station in Berlin. Security for the British royal family has also reportedly been increased.”  

In my thriller, The Euros: Notre Dame Point Zero, the Headmaster reassures the representative of the Archbishop of Paris who is working with the Euros Team to help rescue hostages inside the cathedral:

Heads bent in acknowledgment.
“Thank you. Now we have work to do, plots to foil, innocent people to rescue ...”
“And my cathedral to save,” the Historian whispered anguishedly.
The Headmaster reached across and patted the Bishop’s arm. “Millennia ago people sought refuge on the little islands in the river, fleeing from their enemies,” his voice had a trace of bitterness. “The Romans, when they came, were besieged by barbarians, but survived. They built their walls, laid in their supplies, and held out. These modern barbarians” – he thrust his walking stick towards the window facing on the cathedral – “they, too, will fail. We will survive them, and their barbaric ways. We will not let them destroy what is so precious to us.”
He turned to face the Historian. “No matter what the cost, my friend. Now, if you will, my team and I need to continue with our plans to do just that.” 
He waited for the door to shut behind the Historian before turning to Control.

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