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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Terrorist Car at Notre Dame Cathedral & My Thriller: Links

The car suspected of being a trial run in a terrorist attack on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, was parked just across the narrow portion of the Seine, opposite the cathedral itself as this news report says. The arrow in the map shows its location.

That spot is opposite one of the major points of entry that the Euros consider in my thriller, The Euros: Notre Dame Point Zero. You can easily see the spot considered by the special team if you walk along the Quai de Montebello, shown in the map, and glance across at the Cathedral.

Here’s the scene from my thriller, where the possible entrance is examined:

“The screen showed a view of the Seine River and the cathedral.

“Enter, stage left, the Historian,” he went on.

He aimed his laser beam at a small alcove at the water level of the riverbank, beneath a large ivy cluster than dipped almost into the river slightly to the left of the large rose window on the cathedral’s right side, almost directly below the Treasury building.

“That is a blocked entrance,” the Historian said. “There used to be entrances into the ground beneath the shoreline of the island many years ago, but when we built the walls to tame the Seine’s fierce floods, most of them were bricked up.”

“Could you focus on it and increase the size?” Juliette asked, and the picture zoomed until they could clearly see the wall inside its arch.

“Are the tunnels behind the wall still useable?” Juliette asked, and the Historian shook his head.

“We have no idea. I remember reading that most of them were not filled in, just their entrances and exits blocked. You can see all the entrances from the water level under the old hospital in these photos,” the Historian explained, laying four of them in a row.”

And here’s a photograph of the banks of the Seine, taken from the Quai de Montebello, showing that exact spot.

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