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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going on vacation to Europe? How to add zest with an obelisk hunt

Ever since we wrote Obelisk Seven, we have been surprised by the number of people who have raved about their first encounters with an obelisk while holidaying in Europe.

We tell them of our first encounters with these ancient pillars of red granite, and they tell us of the ones they've seen, and the ones they've missed.

Our website and blogs just for you!

When we finished our thriller, and started our quest for a publisher (check our Obelisk Seven website for more details), we also started a blog to use some of the material we had but which did not fit into the 84,000 novel.

Our novel started with an interesting tour guide from Trafalgar Tours. He was a Dutchman who left the pursuit of law to become a tour guide of major European cities. He and his wife enjoyed travelling, and he was an artist as well: whenever he had some time off from guiding tourists through London or Paris or Rome or Venice or other cities, he would sneak off and sketch street scenes and buildings.
Nefertiti - Take her a rose in Berlin

And did he know a lot about the history of these old cities, and the buildings and statues in them! He was fascinated by the past, both the politics and the people, and able to convey to us interesting snippets which made our visits to the tour sites so much more intriguing.

 A little bit of help from Dan Brown

If you are planning a trip to London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Egypt – dive into our Obelisk Seven Blog for our posts on dozens of amazing scenes and people, and our website Obelisk Seven for more information about how Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code pushed us to write our thriller.

And by all means check out the hundreds of photos we have in both sites

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And if you want a few bargains, click here to see my eBooks (all for sale as Kindle eBooks for the low, low price of 99 cents each!). You can read in a post on our blogs just how to convert your iPad or other ereader into one able to let you read Kindle eBooks, for free! Kindle has an app that takes a few minutes to download and turns your PC or laptop into an ereader, or lets you use your iPad and other tablets to read my eBooks.
Loraine with the Gayer Anderson Cat in London

Roses for a Lonely Queen in  Berlin?

And have wonderful fun hunting down these fascinating obelisks in these cities! You might want to leave a rose for the lonely queen Nefertiti if you are in Berlin; or sit on the bank of the Thames River in London waiting for the splash of the ghosts that haunt Cleopatra's Needle there; or put your finger in the hole in one of the huge sphinxes that guards the obelisk in London, during a night time bombing  raid by the Germans during the First World War; or explore the city of red spies and white spies that was Venice in medieval times; or study the lovely features of the beautiful Gayer Anderson Cat in the London Museum; or imagine the huge pink condom that once covered the beautiful Paris obelisk; or smell the blood in the place where the Paris obelisk was erected.

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